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Praemium Portfolio Services

Who is it for?

The Praemium Portfolio Service is used by professional accountants, stockbrokers, superannuation administrators and financial planners around Australia.

The flexible real time access allows advisers and clients to long-on and view portfolio details at any time for all types of portfolio structures.

What does it do?

Praemium is a low cost on-line portfolio management service built for clients who would benefit from "state of the art" portfolio management.

Praemium is designed with optimised Capital Gains Tax processing at its core - a unique feature in the market that makes it simple to measure clients after tax return.

  • Proactive CGT Management - enabling you to manage your CGT affairs throughout the year, tax planning can be actioned prior to June 30th with ease. In many case, realised gains may be offset much earlier in the financial year to better manage the risk of unfavourable market movements.
  • Deal with multiple brokers - but still have one managed portfolio service - your nominated brokers can send us contract notes and we will ensure that your portfolios are constantly up to date.
  • Keep on top of your investments - by accurately monitoring portfolio and stock performance - compare the performance of managed funds, listed equities and direct investments in a mathematically correct manner.
  • Reduce administrative work-load, particularly forensic reconstruction of stock holdings using Praemium's corporate action database.
  • Make better investment decisions - with portfolios revalued every day, Praemium provides up to date information at your finger tips, which should help improve decision making.
  • Registered ownership - unlike other administrating service providers, the ownership details of investments remain vested in your name.
  • The way we use it no-on can possibly know who owns the investments.

Call us about giving you access to our outstanding investment tool.

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